New PTSD Research Study of Medication to Relieve PTSD Symptoms
Start Date 2015-08-10
End Date 2018-01-05
Eligibility Requirements
Age Range
Age Range
18 - 25 years
26 - 30 years
31 - 45 years
56 and more years
Vetaran Status
Vetaran Status
Service Range
Service Range
0 - 15 years
16 - 20 years
21 and more years
Deployment Status
Deployment Status
Atleast once
Military Affiliation
Military Affiliation
Coast Guard
National Guard
Short Description
ARE YOU ONE OF THE PROUD WHO HAS SERVED OR IS CURRENTLY SERVING YOUR COUNTRY OR COMMUNITY? Many men and women who serve their country or community experience Traumatic Events that have lingering effects, such as Anxiety, Insomnia or Nightmares. If this has happened to you, please consider volunteering for our Clinical Research Study of an investigational new medication. TO QUALIFY: *Male or female aged 18 - 65 *Be a veteran, reservist, or active member of the military, government, or law enforcement *Suffered a work-related traumatic event at some time after 2000 *Have trauma-related lingering effects Our new study will compare how well medication taken under the tongue at bedtime works compared with to a placebo for trauma-related symptoms, including sleep disturbances. The study is open to those men and women who have served or are currently served in the Armed Forces, law enforcement, or as a military contractor. We are enrolling 220 patients nationwide for a study lasting 18 weeks, with an option to continue taking the medication up to 1 year. Call now (425-453-0404) to see if your qualify, or visit our website ( to learn more. Thank you for helping us develop better technologies and medications for our Armed Services.
Location Info
Conducted in
Bellevue , Washington
Privacy of the Participants
Does this study require the individual's medical records? - Yes
Does the sponsor require the name of study participants to be provided? - No
Is this study required to provide individual results to the sponsor? - Yes
Is this study anonymous in the sense that patient identity is completely anonymized? - Yes
Contact Details
Jay Dobson 425-453-0404 [email protected]
Research Topics
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
More Info
Has this study and the posting of this study on been IRB approved - Yes
Are healthy subjects accepted? - No
Does this study utilize any drug treatments? - Yes
Are there financial incentives to participate? - Yes
Financial Incentive for this study : $500 plus mileage reimbursement
Official title: Safety and Efficacy Study of TNX-102 SL in Subjects With Military-Related PTSD and Related Conditions
University IRB
IRB #PRE1-14-478
Study ID #
Lead Researcher
Arifulla, Khan
Sponsored By
Tonix Pharmaceuticals
Study Website