Schizophrenia with Alcohol Use Disorder
Start Date 2014-05-28
End Date 2017-04-01
Eligibility Requirements
Age Range
Age Range
18 - 25 years
26 - 30 years
31 - 45 years
56 and more years
Vetaran Status
Vetaran Status
Service Range
Service Range
Deployment Status
Deployment Status
Military Affiliation
Military Affiliation
Short Description
This double-blind, randomized study will evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of ALKS 3831 in subjects with schizophrenia and alcohol use disorder (AUD).
Location Info
Conducted in
Oakland , California
Privacy of the Participants
Does this study require the individual's medical records? - Yes
Does the sponsor require the name of study participants to be provided? - Yes
Is this study required to provide individual results to the sponsor? - Yes
Is this study anonymous in the sense that patient identity is completely anonymized? - Yes
Contact Details
Cheri Savercool 877-602-5777 [email protected]
Research Topics
Mental Health
More Info
Has this study and the posting of this study on been IRB approved - Yes
Are healthy subjects accepted? - No
Does this study utilize any drug treatments? - Yes
Are there financial incentives to participate? - Yes
Financial Incentive for this study :
Official title: A Study of ALKS 3831 in Subjects With Schizophrenia and Alcohol Use Disorder
University IRB
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Lead Researcher
Ira, Glick
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