About Ally Research


To drive innovation and progress in military mental health.


World-class, stigma-free mental health care for America's military



  • Advance: Connecting the research and military communities to advance treatment for service-related mental health issues
  • Educate: Highlight the physiological aspects of mental health and reduce stigma
  • Access: Help military families personalize their mental health care

Why We Do This

"PTSD has become the mental health issue of our time."

With the major phases of the drawdown in Afghanistan coming to a close, the nation is faced with an overwhelming need for better mental health treatment for troops returning home from combat. It is estimated that over 500,000 Americans suffer from service-related PTSD or TBI and PTS, Combat Stress, and TBI are ranked as one of the top concerns of military families. Despite the pressing need for advances in treatment and the crushing stigma surrounding these issues, cutting-edge treatment is still not a reality for most veterans and their families.

Two major hurdles stand in the way of veterans seeking help for mental health issues and that includes: a lack of acceptance of traditional therapy and a misguided view of mental health, resulting in a stifling social stigma. By addressing these major concerns faced by our military we hope to make an impact today, and create an easier path to healing for the generation of tomorrow.

Our Team

Ally Research is a coalition of scholars committed to working tirelessly to change the military mental health landscape by drawing on their backgrounds in both research and military communities.


Alicia Greenwalt

Founder and President

Ph.D. Candidate Studying Molecular Biology and Cancer Research at UNC.


Dr. Eric Elbogen

Ally Research Advisor and Board Member

Forensic Psychologist, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at UNC with a Focus on Military Veterans.


Nick Black

Ally Research Advisor and Board Member

Managing Partner, Victory Social Capital. Co-Founder Stop Soldier Suicide. Army Officer, 2006-2012, 173rd ABCT.


Darcy Holley

Ally Research Board Member

Genetic Medicine Researcher, Social Outreach Specialist.


Megan Wallace

Ally Research Board Member

Consultant and Military Scholar in Communication, Organizations, and Culture.

Transparency/Our Financials

While Ally Research is a non-profit organization, we recognize the need for donors to know their money is being spent wisely and having a direct impact on accomplishing our mission.

Our Promise: We ensure that at least 75 cents of every dollar goes directly in to advancing and growing our programs to reach military communities across the U.S.

In addition to maintaining a sustainable organization, Ally Research also promises complete transparency to all of its donors and the public by providing open access to our annual financial records.